Any piece of writing can benefit from the trained eye and professional viewpoint of a copy editor and proofreader. I have a thorough and insightful sense of the mechanics of English grammar, structure, usage, phrasing, consistency, and commonly accepted style conventions that publishers use. I offer a wide variety of editorial services (here) and can tailor them to each client’s particular needs, helping the author’s voice and ideas come through in writing that is clear, concise, and polished.

Let me apply my skill and experience to correct errors, smooth out problems with phrasing, structure, and style, and to provide the kind of feedback necessary to get a manuscript ready for self-publication or submission to a publisher. I specialize in editing books for publication, but I am also receptive to other types of written documents and websites.

I want to hear about your manuscript or other writing project. Use the contact form to request a prompt, free estimate.