Gregory Nipper is a copy editor and translator based in Portland, Ore. In addition to freelancing, he has copyedited and proofread dozens of books for PM Press in Oakland, Calif. His first major work of Spanish-to-English translation to be published was the 2010 edition of Calling All Heroes, a novel by the world-renowned Mexican writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II.

Before becoming a professional copy editor and proofreader, Gregory worked with countless undergraduate and graduate students in history courses to help them revise their writing to voice their ideas clearly and effectively. Also during graduate school, he worked as a supervising newspaper copy editor. Ultimately, he decided to return to the book publishing trade, fulfilling a longtime professional goal and a personal dream. Prior to editing, he had worked in the distribution end of the book trade, co-founding a small distribution enterprise in the mid-1990s.

He completed master’s degrees in Latin American history (University of California, San Diego) and U.S. history (Portland State University), after studying philosophy and politics as an undergraduate (Creighton University). His archival research dealt with intersections between social history and private enterprises, particularly energy industries. After completing a thesis on the history of Oregon’s Trojan Nuclear Plant and the region’s anti-nuclear movement, he focused on Latin America, researching and speaking on topics such as Venezuela’s political conflict over nationalization of its oil industry, and the role of gender in management strategies in Colombia’s textile industry.

Areas of Specialization

In addition to a wide variety of fiction, Gregory’s reading interests and areas of research experience include:

Art History and Criticism

Film History and Criticism
History, Latin America
History, United States
Latin American Studies
Law/Political Science
Musicology, Music Criticism
Politics/Current Events
Postcolonial Studies
Social Justice
Urban Studies/Architecture